Wednesday, 8 December 2010


D Angel Before  Hot sexy liar and cheat Yes she know how to play the game

After: Still a game player but ten times richer  
                (98% improvement)

  LisaHype Before: (WAS A     COCK SUCKER)                

After: Lisa  became hottest thing on
the lips of dancehall   lover  but still a c*ck
 sucker (85% improvement)

Gaza Kim: Before Got to be a Dick Sucker!                            Now called Kym Better makeup but well over weight
All Gaza girls hobby                                                      still not poping the charts (25% improvement)
                                                           Now no dick to suck on.


   Before  Stacious! A innocent pretty girl                             
After: Now Stacious is a Gully hand bag but ten times Richer
                                                              ( 80% improvement)


Lady Chann Before just a suncycle bike well

After became a stripper and a lesbian
Suncycle boyz didn't hit it hard enough
Chann is a chart Popper (75% improvement)


Before: Ward21 card pack favourite  game pass round donkey
After: Tifa become hottest tfemale on the dancehall sencene and also fashios favourite                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Tammy Chin Before was a up town girl
with a down town dream                                       

After: Tammy Chin was dragged down town by Wyane Marshall
 now married and yes she is a chart popper (90% improvement)

Before Tiana use to be a a banana planter in the great St Mary's Jamaica

Now she a banana rider riding down kingston yes it helps her to hit the charts why not go ahead girl. she is a chart popper (79% improve ment)

Tenza Oh Yes! Before: Born a freak, from a
young age looking jolly with the lolly in her mouth...

After Tenza loose all her behaviour and get freakier she like two men at a time....greedy! 
(75%) Yes she is a chart popper!                                                                                                


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